Son, The Army Will Make A Man Out Of You… At seventeen years of age, and weighing in at barely 115 pounds, Joseph Crew and his identical twin brother, Richard, with parental permission, enlisted in the army in 1958. Their destination was the Third Armored Division in Germany-the same outfit Elvis Presley had been assigned to several weeks before. Their parents were in the beginning stages of divorce, and Joseph and his brother were looking to escape the domestic warfare. Fall In, Fall Out is Joseph’s memoir, set against the backdrop of a recently, racially integrated army, charged to protect Western Europe from Russia’s hostile, overwhelming might during the deepening freeze of the Cold War. The book is about friendships, sexual discovery, racial tensions, and the heartache of young love. It starkly depicts barracks life and bleak war game maneuvers, and brings to life the flesh trade in a Mexican border town; the seedy streets of Amsterdam’s red-light district; the nightclubs of Copenhagen; and the glittering neon lights of Paris and Frankfurt-offering a glimpse of what army life was like in occupied Germany leading up to the “Berlin Crisis” of 1961. The young soldier’s carefully preserved original manuscript provided the author a base to skillfully bring history to life and honor valued memories.

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Abraham's BurdenABRAHAM’S BURDEN

As dramatic as it is compelling, Joseph N. Crew explores the intricacies of human behavior in Abraham’s Burden with a brilliant cadence. Crew examines with unique insight the role our past endlessly plays in the formation of our present day prejudices. Newly elected congresswoman Helen Sparks and her lover go missing, and the authorities believe Charlie Abraham, a Native American on the wrong side of Helen’s political agenda, is involved. While the media zeros in on Charlie, the real killer’s half brother plants evidence to ensure Charlie will be charged with the crime. As an ethnically divided jury struggles with their deliberations, the body of a headless woman is discovered in the nearby woods. The public is convinced it is their popular congresswoman. The brothers know the truth, but familial ties break and a strange justice is served, and redemption becomes possible for the wronged.

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