Joseph Crew landed his first red breasted bluegill on a small mill pond near Suffolk, Virginia, with a fiberglass fly rod and balsa popper when he was fifteen years old and he was hooked. Crappies and black bass were soon added to his list. Encounters with brown trout and grayling in the Austrian Alps followed. Then searun cutthroat trout and salmon of the Pacific Northwest. The fabled waters of Montana and Idaho called to him as well. An adventure to the Sea of Cortez added Mahi Mahi, Yellowfin Tuna, and Roosterfish to his growing list. He has waded streams and rivers in Germany, Austria, Sweden, Ireland, Spain, Turkey, British Columbia, Hawaii and Alaska. And he is currently making a list of the waters he still intends to wet his feet in!

Joseph’s interest in art appeared in adolescence. His parents responded with a Christmas gift oil painting set, and he began painting the animals and fish he loved. Eventually he became interested in watercolor and developed his craft to what it is today. He hasn’t painted anything he hasn’t landed and works diligently to reproduce the beauty of his subjects in anatomically correct images.

Joseph’s creative interests haven’t been singular. He is also an author. After reading Sailor on Horseback, Ervin Stone’s biography on Jack London, at the age of eighteen, he decided he was a writer. Poems came first and then he buckled down and developed enough craft to write a novel. His first mystery, Abraham’s Burden, can be found on with 21 excellent reader reviews. An adult relationship novel that has four friends fly fishing in Mexico is in the works.

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